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10th Ssc Aptitude Test online application form 2017-18

10th Ssc Aptitude Test online application form 2017-18 Elementary, Primary, Secondary, Higher secondary teacher’s job, Maharashtra state has declared for very first time Aptitude and Intelligence Test. This Aptitude and Intelligence Test exam will be conducted between 12th to 21th December, 2017. For those interested candidates seeking for teaching jobs can apply for 10th Ssc Aptitude Test online application form 2017-18 starting from 2nd November, 2017 to 22nd November 2017 on official website. In order to stop the corruption in the teacher recruitment process and to have qualified teachers in a education stream, state board has taken this decision. Aptitude and Intelligence Test will be the first aptitude test conducted by state education department. For more detail information, government have added information on official website. Interested candidates must read all the terms and conditions carefully before filling online application form, says state education department.Timetable for “Aptitude and Intelligence Test” for teachers announced by Maha Board.Ssc Aptitude and Intelligence Test online application form 2017-18

Online application form for SSC Aptitude and Intelligence Test Maharashtra Board 2017-18

Candidates should required to enter 1oth, 12th grade, higher education and other information, also for reserve seat and amputee, they should full fill information by referring original documents. Candidate has to upload colored passport size photograph and digital signature. For this Aptitude and Intelligence Exam, the only way to fill form is an online application form via website. For payment, you can choose between credit card, debit card or online net-banking options. No need to attach any original documents with online form. Online form for “Aptitude and Intelligence Test” Maharashtra Board 2017-18.Candidate will be allowed to seat for exam by checking the original documents. If the coordinator found difference between the information in original documents and filled-up form then candidature will be rejected immediately, says Head of education department.Online form for “Aptitude and Intelligence Test” for teachers will be available between 2nd to 22ndNovember, 2017.

Mobile and email address must be valid for ssc Aptitude and Intelligence Test

According to the state board, the online applications forms for the Apptitude test would be available on, starting from November 2 to November 22, 2017. Between 1st December to 11th December, aspiring teachers should take print outs of their final exam forms and allotted centres. Between 12th to 21st December, 2017, the online exams would be conducted in three batches per day at selected centres. Candidates will get the choice of selecting one of three centres in each district and depending on the availability, one centre would be allotted to them. For ex. if first centre is not available then department has a rights to give you the second preferred centre. For this apptitude test, candidates will be co-ordinated via mobile phone and email ids so these mobile number and email address must be correct and valid said Sukhdev Dere, member of education department. So Mobile and email address must be valid for Aptitude and Intelligence Test.Ssc Aptitude and Intelligence Test online application form 2017-18

Time-table and batch details for ssc Online Apptitude Test for teachers 

Details Time-period
Form and payment fill up date 2nd to 22nd November
Admission slip download date 1st to 11th December
Online examination 12th to 21st December
Batch wise timing Timing
Batch one (1) Morning 9 to 11
Batch second (2) 12.30 to 2.30
Batch third (3) Afternoon 4 to 6

Few days ago, Mr. Vinod Tawade, Minister of Maharashtra State Education said Apptitude Online Exam is being introduced to regulate recruitment procedure for teachers job and the apptitude test is supposed to measure the teaching quality which will be consider while hiring teachers. Going forward, teachers hiring will be dependent on these apptitude scores.

Exam dates for “Ssc Aptitude and Intelligence Test” for teachers 2017-18

Till now, schools were directly hiring teachers with D.Ed or B.Ed degrees and it was mandated that the teachers have to clear the Teachers Eligibility Test (TET). However even after teachers are eligible, whether they have the correct aptitude or not is what this test is expected to gauge. For ex : If suppose there are two teachers who qualify for same job as both are Marathi language graduates, have B.Ed degree and have cleared TET, who should get the job? Right. Exam dates for “Aptitude and Intelligence Test” for teachers are12th to 21st December, 2017.The aptitude test score would make it easier to decide whome to give a chance and fair decision can be made. Also, now that the recruitment procedure will go completely online going forward, only those teachers who have cleared this test will be eligible for jobs, said Sunil Magar, director of school.

Now, after the aptitude test exam is conducted, the state education department will put up a list of ‘eligible’ teachers and schools will have to hire teachers from this list only. Failing to do so would mean that the state government would not pay the salary of other directly appointed teachers.

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Aadhaar Card is now compulsory for 10th ssc, 12th hsc class board exams

In 2017, the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE) issued a circular making it mandatory for students to provide their Aadhaar card number while filling online board examination forms. Maharashtra Education Ssc application form 2017 how to fill aadhar card infoMinister declated that going forward, Aadhaar card will be a mandatory thing for SSC and HSC studentsAadhaar Card is now compulsory for 10th, 12th class board exams.

10th , 12th class students have to submit Aadhaar card info to fill online exam forms

Though the minister clarified that no student will be stopped from filling the online board examination form or to appear for the examination this year. If students don’t have the Aadhaar number right now, they will have to give an undertaking that they will provide the Aadhaar card before board examination results.
As per reports it has been stated that most students fail in 9th standard and while few others don’t appear for board examination, some appear privately. So in order to track whether those students, the government wanted Aadhaar card number of all the students appearing for SSC and HSC 10th, 12th class Maharashtra board examination.

Aadhaar Card is now compulsory for 10th, 12th class board exams:
They also said that Aadhaar card number will provide different concessions to the students in their education after the HSC exam and government of Maharashtra can use it in result sheet to display birth place of student. Aadhaar card is not made compulsory to use as a living/address proof but if students wish then they could use it for same. Aadhaar Card is now compulsory for 10th, 12th class board exams.
Though Aadhaar card is made mandatory still students can relief as they will not be stopped from applying for 10th, 12th class examination. Ans same instructions are being forwarded to all teachers and principals of all schools and colleges. No student will be in a trouble if they do not have Aadhar card number. But Aadhaar card will be restrictly mandatory for all education related things says Shakuntala Kale, director member of state board.

10th class online form fill-up timetable

Students have to consider these dates of 10th class online form fill-up timetable. Students need to fill up their forms before these dates.

Fee type | Last date to fill online form by schools | Last date to fill money to bank by invoice

Regular fee | Last date 6th November | 7 to 14 November

Delayed fee | 7 to 14 November | 15 to 21 November

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